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The East Frisian Island Spiekeroog

Spiekeroog is one of the car-free East Frisian Islands and is known for being especially rustic and very green. Everywhere on the island you can find small shops, comfortable tearooms and the typical green-white small houses. On Spiekeroog there is no hectic or stress, you will find pure deceleration here.

The centre of the island is the island church, built in 1696. It’s the the oldest church on the East Frisian Islands. Like the other East Frisian Islands, Spiekeroog has a beach that can be visited the whole year. In summer, you can rent beach chairs and stay there until the sun goes down. The beach chairs can be booked in advance, so you can make sure to get a chair during your vacation.

Spiekeroog’s unique selling proposition is the historic horse drawn train that you can’t find anywhere else in Germany. The train brings you from the main station to the west end of the island. The ride takes about 12 minutes and is a nice experience, especially for kids.

At the east end of the island, you can find “Haus Wittbülten” which is a good starting point for a walk through the nature reserve. Inside the house you get to learn more about the Wadden Sea. The highlight of the exhibition is a giant skeleton of a whale.

In the tourist-information on Spiekeroog is a museum of shells, which shows the funniest and most extraordinary shells from all over the world. You will see shells not only from the North Sea, but also from the Baltic Sea, Mediterranean Sea and the coast of Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Thailand and Sri Lanka.

Another museum is the island museum. It is next to the town hall in the city of Spiekeroog. There you can learn a lot about the nature and history of the island. It is placed in an ancient captain house.

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