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The East Frisian Island Borkum

The island Borkum can be visited by ferry, catamaran or by plane. Most visitors choose the arrival by water. Once you arrive at the island a train will bring you straight to the center of Borkum. During the ride, you can start to explore the plant and animal life of the island. If the weather is fine, you have the possibility to enjoy the ride outside.

To get a first overview of the island, first you can visit the new lighthouse that is set right in the city. It is 60.3 meters high and as soon as you have reached the top after climbing up 308 steps, you can enjoy a wonderful view. At night, the lighthouse still shows his light, which is also nice to see.

For an impression of the biodiversity of the underwater world of the North Sea, take some time to visit the aquarium. It is only a few steps away from the beach. After watching the animals, you can go for a walk at the beach. Borkum has several “Milchbuden”, small kiosks, where you can get drinks and snacks like soup, rice pudding or cakes. The kiosk are placed on wooden piles at the beach, so no matter if there is low tide or high tide, the guests can sit in a safe place and enjoy their meal.

If you like to go for a walk in the city and have a look at the many small gift shops, take a break at one of the traditional tearooms. We suggest “Oma’s Borkumer Teestübchen” or “Café Kluntje”. There you can find different types of tea, especially "Ostfriesentee", but also coffee and cakes.

To complete the island experience, do not forget to go for a ride to the seal colonies at “Hohes Riff”. You can either watch the seals from distance or book a ride with the national park ship “Borkumriff” that brings you closer to the seals. A guide will answer every question about the animals and the Wadden Sea in general.


Whether you want to travel alone, as a couple, a family or with your dog. You will find everything from a hotel with a sea view to a cozy guesthouse or your own vacation apartment or vacation home. Here you can book your perfect accommodation on Borkum.

© Thorsten Dachwitz
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