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Your Journey to the East Frisian Islands

All of the East Frisian Islands can be reached from the mainland by ferry. Some of them are dependent on the tide so that there is a daily changing timetable. Therefore it is best to check the ferry departure times in advance of your arrival. Tickets for the ferries can be purchased directly at the ticket office at the port or online.

Please note: Due to the current COVID-19 situation, departure times and travel options may change or be cancelled. We kindly ask for your understanding.



Car: The quickest way to get to the ferry terminal in Emden by car is via the A31. If you want to start your journey via Eemshaven (Netherlands), take the N33 or the B46. You can park your car at both harbors in parking spaces for which a fee is charged. Since Borkum is not car-free, there is also the possibility to take your car with you to the island.

Public transport: Both ferry terminals are also easy to reach by train or bus. Both stop directly at the ferry terminal in Emden and Eemshaven

Plane: An alternative to the ferry trip is to travel from the airport in Emden by plane.  This way you will be on the island of Borkum in only 15 minutes.

www.ag-ems.de | www.fliegofd.de



Car: If you travel to Juist by car, the fastest way is to take the A31 and exit at Emden-Nord. Continue on the B210 and the B72 in the direction of Norddeich. From the entrance to Norden, simply follow the signs to the ferry dock. You have to leave your car the parking lot there, because Juist is a car-free island.Since the ferries of Reederei Frisia to Juist depart only once or twice a day and depend on the tide, make sure to arrive at the pier in time.

Public transport: A journey to Juist is also possible by train and bus. By train you go to the station Norddeich-Mole, directly opposite the Juist terminal. By train you go to the station Norddeich-Mole, directly opposite the Juist jetty.The bus also stops close to the ferry.

Plane: Juist can also be reached by plane from Norddeich airport in just a few minutes. Some flights even startf rom the Ruhr area.

www.reederei-frisia.de | www.inselflieger.de | www.meerexpress.de




Car: To get to the Norderney ferry terminal by car, take the A31 to the Emden Nord exit and from there continue on the B210 and B72 towards Norddeich. From the entrance to Norden you can follow the signs to the ferry terminal, where you can park your car in a paid parking lot. Alternatively you can take your car to the island.

Public Transport: You can also reach the island of Norderney by train or bus. You can travel to the ferry terminal at Norddeich Mole station, directly opposite the pier of the Frisia shipping company. Buses also stop in the immediate vicinity of the ferry.

Plane: If you want to travel by plane, you can book a flight from Norddeich or the airport Ruhr.

www.reederei-frisia.de | www.inselflieger.de | www.meerexpress.de




Car: A journey to the East Frisian island Baltrum is fastest by car via the A31 and via the B72 in the direction of Aurich. Then follow the B210 to the ferry terminal in Neßmersiel. Alternatively, it is also possible to travel via the A1 and the A29.The journey by car ends on one of the paid parking lots near the habour, as there are no cars allowed on Baltrum.

Public Transport: The ferry terminal can also be reached by train or the Flixbus. Get off at the station in Norddeich. From there, a bus from the "Baltrum-Linie" will take you to the Baltrum pier. The drive takes about 30 minutes.

Plane: By airplane you can reach Baltrum in about eight minutes. Departures are from the airfields Norden-Norddeich and Harle.

 www.baltrum-linie.de | www.inselflieger.de | www.baltrum-flug.de




Car: If you arrive by car, your journey goes via the A31, B72 and B210 or via the A29 to Wilhelmshaven and then via the B210 to the port of Bensersiel. The island of Langeoog is car-free, so there are plenty of paid parking facilities available at the ferry dock.

Public Transport: It is also possible to travel to Langeoog by train. The journey goes to the railroad stations Norden or Esens. From there, a bus goes directly to the Langeoog pier in Bensersiel. The Flixbus also goes from various places directly to the pier in Bensersiel.

By plane: From the airport Norden-Norddeich you can fly to Langeoog in about 10 minutes.

www.langeoog.de | www.inselflieger.de




Car: You get to Spiekeroog from the pier in Neuharlingersiel. Since the island of Spiekeroog is car-free, there is plenty of paid parking available at the harbor. The journey to the harbor is via the A 31 to Leer-Ost and from there via the B 72 and the B 210 from Hesel via Aurich and Esens to Neuharlingersiel. The pier is also easy to reach via the A 29. You drive to the Wilhelmshavener Kreuz, and then via Jever and Carolinensiel to Neuharlingersiel. The crossing with the ferries depends on the tide and takes about 45 minutes.

Public Transport: By train and long-distance bus, you can reach Spiekeroog in an environmentally friendly way via Esens or Norden. From there, buses or cabs are available to transport you to the pier in Neuharlingersiel.

Plane: Since Spiekeroog is the only island without an airport, it is unfortunately not possible to travel by plane.





Car: If you travel by car, take the A 29 to the exit Wilhelmshavener Kreuz in the direction of Wittmund/Jever/Schortens. You stay on the federal road 210 until the exit Carolinensiel/Wangerooge. From there you can follow the signs to the pier, where there are plenty of paid parking spaces available, as there are no cars allowed on Wangerooge.

Public Transport: By train you travel via Oldenburg or Sande. From there, take the "Tidebus" to the Wangerooge pier. Alternatively, you can also travel via Norden. There, the "Bäderbus" will be available for your transfer. The bus provider Flixbus also offers trips to the East Frisian North Sea coast.

Plane: You can also travel to Wangerooge by airplane from the Harle airfield.

www.wangerooge.de | www.inselflieger.de

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